Bako National Park


Bako National Park is the oldest national park in Sarawak. Being just 37 kilometres away from Kuching city, it is a strategic ecotourism spot for local and foreign tourists; hence, it is no surprise that Bako National Park is one of the most popular natural attractions in the state.

Bako was officially made a national park in 1957. Spanning only 27 square kilometres, it is one of the smallest national parks in the country. Despite its size, Bako National Park houses diverse flora and fauna species, with about 600 flower species, including the rare carnivorous pitcher plants and 267 wildlife species, such as silver leaf monkeys, long-tailed macaques, wild boars and the rare wild proboscis monkeys.

The park also takes pride in its white sandy beaches, such as the Telok Pandan Kecil beach, which boasts glorious rocky headlands, offering an astonishing view mimicking a secluded bay. Most of the park’s beaches also feature unique rock formations that are scattered across the beaches.

Another unique feature of the Bako National Park is its iconic sea stack, which is considered as one of the country’s geological treasures. Million years of erosion have sculpted the rocky headlands into splendidly shaped sea stacks and sea arches that are set to mesmerise every visitor.

Visitors can explore the park via its 18 walking trails, which are colour-coded according to its length. Choose one that fits your preferences and indulge in various pre-planned activities with your family and friends. Avid hikers can opt for a full-day jungle hike or an overnight camping journey.

Bako National Park offers an unparalleled experience of the opulent Sarawak rainforest. If you’re looking for a place to explore the wonders of Borneo’s finest treasure, you should start planning your trip to Bako National Park now. The park and the Bako Terminal Jetty counter are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily (including public holiday).

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